Welcome to Radost Stanimirova's webpage!

I am a PhD Student at the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University.
I am a member of the Land Cover and Surface Climate Group.

The world’s population more than tripled during my grandparent’s lifetime. What’s more by the time I am a grandmother the world’s population is predicted to exceed 9 billion people. This rapid population growth along with economic development is predicted to double the demand for meat and dairy products, which will put pressure on pasturelands to either expand or intensify. Further expansion of livestock production due to increasing demand could have devastating environmental impacts. In order to anticipate future food shortages and ensure sustainable land use, we need better information and better models on how to manage pasturelands. My study uses existing datasets of global distribution of pasturelands and climate change predictions to improve our understanding of the vulnerabilities of global pasturelands in the next 30-50 years.

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